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Fiction OS is a modern, open-source, and flexible platform for building personal marketing tools.

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Why you'll love Fiction OS

Build your personal marketing platform with Fiction OS.

Launch websites and applications faster.

AI Content Generation
Leverage AI to automate content creation and optimization.
Plugin Ecosystem
Extend functionality with a wide range of plugins.
Flexible & Customizable
Designed to be powerful yet flexible.
Simple Design
Minimal setup, and standard conventions make it easy to get started.
Search optimized
Designed for SEO and performance out of the box.
Open Source
Fiction is free to use and open-source under GPL-2.0 license.

Ready to try it?Up and running in 5 Minutes

Modern Tech

Use the latest open-source libraries built for simplicity and performance.

Advanced Plugins

Leverage a growing library of pre-made plugins or create your own.
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Quick Setup

Fiction OS is built to be easy to use and quick to set up. Get started in minutes.
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